How to Use Middleware

Use the Yee application’s add() instance method to add new middleware to a Yee application. New middleware will surround previously added middleware, or the Yee application itself if no middleware has yet been added.

Example Middleware

This example middleware will capitalize the Yee application's HTTP response body.

class AllCapsMiddleware extends \Yee\Middleware
    public function call()
        // Get reference to application
        $app = $this->app;

        // Run inner middleware and application

        // Capitalize response body
        $res = $app->response;
        $body = $res->getBody();

Add Middleware

$app = new \Yee\Yee();
$app->add(new \AllCapsMiddleware());
$app->get('/foo', function () use ($app) {
    echo "Hello";

The Yee application’s add() method accepts one argument: a middleware instance. If the middleware instance requires special configuration, it may implement its own constructor so that it may be configured before it is added to the Yee application.

When the example Yee application above is run, the HTTP response body will be an enthusiastic "HELLO";